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fire and rehire

ACAS publishes guidance on “fire and rehire”

Fire and rehire is typically relevant where an employer is seeking to make changes toView Article

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Is it fair to dismiss an employee who is charged with a criminal offence?

Is it reasonable for an employer to dismiss an employee who has been charged withView Article

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criminal offence

Is it unfair not to give a right of appeal if there is “nothing to appeal against”?

An employer is liable to prosecution and to the payment of civil penalties for employingView Article

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Non-renewal of a fixed-term contract can lead to an unfair dismissal

Ms D, a doctor, was employed on a series of fixed-term contracts.  She applied forView Article

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Non renewal of a fixed-term contract
right to work and illegality

Right to work documentation and illegality

When dismissing an employee with more than 2 years’ service, an employer must have aView Article

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