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Menopause in the workplace – guidance for employers

The Government has published a policy paper setting out the Menopause Employment Champion’s plan toView Article

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Flexible working requests and indirect sex discrimination

A female employee can claim indirect discrimination where an employer applies a provision, criterion orView Article

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Flexible working
sexual harassment

How should employers deal with allegations of sexual harassment at work?

The Fawcett Society has published a report, “Tackling sexual harassment in the workplace: recommendations forView Article

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Do menopausal symptoms amount to a disability?

A person has a disability under the Equality Act 2010 if they have a physicalView Article

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Menopause in the workplace – is further legislation required to protect employees?

The Women and Equalities Committee has launched an inquiry into workplace practices around the menopause.View Article

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The ‘childcare disparity’ – is evidence required?

Does a Claimant have to show evidence that women, because of their childcare responsibilities, areView Article

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childcare disparity
shared parental leave

Is it discrimination to pay less for shared parental leave than for adoption leave?

Direct sex discrimination occurs where, because of sex, an employer treats an employee less favourablyView Article

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Clarity on whether it is discriminatory to fail to enhance shared parental pay

The Court of Appeal has now given guidance on whether it is discriminatory for employersView Article

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shared parental pay
dress code

Is it discrimination to require an employee to wear high heels?

We reported last year on the Government response to the House of Commons and EqualitiesView Article

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Is it discrimination not to enhance shared parental leave pay?

We reported last year on the debate about whether it is direct sex discrimination forView Article

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shared parental leave