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Is provision of equality awareness training a defence to harassment claims?

An employer can be vicariously liable for discrimination or harassment committed by an employee inView Article

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Can we dismiss an employee who refuses the COVID vaccine?

The total number of people in the UK who have received the first dose ofView Article

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Is an employer liable for harassment of an employee by a third party?

The Equality Act prohibits harassment of an employee by an employer where the harassment isView Article

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Can giving false reason for dismissal lead to inference of discrimination?

In a discrimination claim, an individual must prove facts from which a reasonable Tribunal couldView Article

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injury to feelings

What is the appropriate level of injury to feelings award for a one-off act of discrimination?

An individual who succeeds in a claim of discrimination in the Employment Tribunal can claimView Article

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The cost of injury to feelings: increased compensation in discrimination claims

Claimants who succeed in a claim of discrimination in the Employment Tribunal are able toView Article

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injury to feelings compensation
Queen's Speech 2017 and employment law

Employment law and the Queen’s Speech 2017

The Queen’s Speech 2017, delivered on 21 June, set out details of the legislation thatView Article

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Migrant workers did not suffer discrimination

The Supreme Court has considered the linked cases of two domestic workers who suffered abuseView Article

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