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Can an unfair dismissal claim proceed even if there is no prospect of a monetary award?

What is the value of a finding of unfair dismissal in the absence of anyView Article

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Is it misconduct for an employee to covertly record a meeting?

Compensation for a successful claim of unfair dismissal can be reduced by an Employment TribunalView Article

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When can an employer suspend an employee?

ACAS has published guidance for employers on when to consider suspension of an employee.  ItView Article

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Can an employee be summarily dismissed without prior warnings despite the fact that there is no single act of gross misconduct?

An employer can dismiss an employee for gross misconduct where an employee has not beenView Article

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gross misconduct
Poor attitude could be gross misconduct

Poor attitude to organisational change could be gross misconduct

The Court of Appeal considered whether the Employment Tribunal was entitled to conclude that aView Article

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