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Constructive Dismissal

Constructive dismissal and delay – engaging in a grievance procedure

Constructive unfair dismissal claims can arise where an employee with more than two years’ serviceView Article

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Does raising a grievance extend time for issuing a Tribunal Claim?

A claim of discrimination in the Employment Tribunal must be brought within three months ofView Article

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time limit

What is the penalty for breaching the ACAS Code of Practice?

The ACAS Code of Practice on disciplinary and grievance procedures (ACAS Code) provides practical guidance to employersView Article

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Is a dismissal discriminatory if the employer does not know about a disability until after dismissal?

Discrimination arising from disability happens where an employer treats an employee unfavourably because of somethingView Article

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Disciplinary and grievance procedures during Coronavirus

ACAS have published guidance on disciplinary and grievance procedures during the Coronavirus pandemic.  The guidanceView Article

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Top Ten Employment Law Tips – download our presentation

Our presentation, Top Ten Employment Law Tips took place last week at the Bristol PavilionView Article

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Top Ten Employment Law Tips
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Employer not obliged to halt disciplinary process while grievance heard

The Claimant was a bus driver in London and her employer received complaints about herView Article

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