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Is a dismissal discriminatory if the employer does not know about a disability until after dismissal?

Discrimination arising from disability happens where an employer treats an employee unfavourably because of somethingView Article

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“Gender critical” beliefs are protected under the Equality Act

The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has found that a “gender critical” belief is a philosophicalView Article

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Gender critical
unfair dismissal

Can an unfair dismissal claim proceed even if there is no prospect of a monetary award?

What is the value of a finding of unfair dismissal in the absence of anyView Article

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Is an employer liable for an employee’s post on a personal Facebook page?

Harassment occurs when one person engages in unwanted conduct related to a relevant protected characteristic,View Article

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gross misconduct

Can an employee be summarily dismissed without prior warnings despite the fact that there is no single act of gross misconduct?

An employer can dismiss an employee for gross misconduct where an employee has not beenView Article

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