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Should post-termination non-compete clauses be prohibited?

Non-compete clauses are often used in contracts of employment to restrict an ex-employee’s ability toView Article

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When does notice of termination of employment take effect?

If an employee is dismissed on written notice posted to his home address, when doesView Article

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plumber was worker not self employed

Plumber is a worker, not self-employed

The Court of Appeal has issued the latest in a series of judgments regarding theView Article

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Contractual mobility clause dismissal in redundancy situation was unfair

Mr F and Mr E both worked for Kellogg, an engineering, construction, technology and servicesView Article

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Understanding notice – employment contracts

If an employment contract is brought to an end, there is usually an obligation onView Article

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Were provisions in an employee handbook contractual?

This question was considered in a recent case involved seven claimants, all employed in variousView Article

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