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Predictable working

The right to request predictable working – new rights for employees and workers

Employees and workers will have a new right to request a predictable work pattern inView Article

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Flexible Working Requests – changes to legislation

Currently, employees with 26 weeks’ service can make a statutory flexible working request to changeView Article

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Flexible working requests

ACAS publishes new guidance on suspension

ACAS have published new guidance on staff suspension at work.  The guidance aims to adviseView Article

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Can an employee submit an early conciliation certificate after they have issued their Claim?

An individual must follow the ACAS early conciliation procedure before they can issue most ClaimsView Article

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early conciliation
Disability strategy

National Disability Strategy – employment implications

The Government has published a National Disability Strategy setting out the actions it will takeView Article

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ACAS guidance on supporting staff experiencing Domestic Abuse

ACAS has announced new advice for employers on how to support staff that are experiencingView Article

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ACAS guidance
ACAS early conciliation

How long is the ACAS early conciliation period?

In most cases, an individual who wishes to issue a claim in the Employment TribunalView Article

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Disciplinary and grievance procedures during Coronavirus

ACAS have published guidance on disciplinary and grievance procedures during the Coronavirus pandemic.  The guidanceView Article

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Non-disclosure agreement

When is a non-disclosure agreement appropriate?

The use of non-disclosure agreements, particularly in the context of allegations of sexual harassment, hasView Article

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To suspend or not to suspend?

All contracts of employment include an implied term of mutual trust and confidence.  A breachView Article

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