investigation report

What is the role of an investigator in a disciplinary process?

In misconduct cases, the investigation stage of the disciplinary procedure is key.  The purpose ofView Article

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Will an Employment Tribunal judgment always be published online?

A public register is held of all judgments and written reasons issued by Employment Tribunals. View Article

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Employment Tribunal judgment
Employment Tribunal

Employment Tribunal claims increase.

The Ministry of Justice has published Employment Tribunal statistics for the period April to JuneView Article

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Is vegetarianism protected by the Equality Act?

A case has hit the headlines this week about whether vegetarianism is a protected characteristicView Article

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workers' rights

Labour plans biggest ever extension of workers’ rights

The Labour Party has announced plans to strengthen individual and collective workers’ rights, if elected.View Article

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How should employers calculate the timescale for responding to a data subject access request?

An employee has the right to make a data subject access request (DSAR) to obtainView Article

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subject access
Good Work Plan

Are you preparing for changes in April 2020?

The Good Work Plan was published in December 2018 and sets out the Government’s proposalsView Article

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Extended redundancy protection for women and new parents

Before making a woman on maternity leave redundant, an employer must offer her a suitableView Article

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redundancy protection
Agency workers

Are agency workers entitled to the same number of hours as employees?

Agency workers are entitled, after 12 weeks service, to the same basic working and employmentView Article

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Is it misconduct for an employee to covertly record a meeting?

Compensation for a successful claim of unfair dismissal can be reduced by an Employment TribunalView Article

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covertly record

Is an employer liable for an employee’s post on a personal Facebook page?

Harassment occurs when one person engages in unwanted conduct related to a relevant protected characteristic,View Article

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Is it harassment to suspend an employee who can only write by hand for a few minutes?

Harassment occurs where one person engages in unwanted conduct related to a protected characteristic, suchView Article

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disability harassment