Is an employer liable for an employee’s injury at a party?

An employer can be held vicariously liable for the act of a wrongdoer. The keyView Article

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What is the cost of injury to feelings? Increase in compensation guidelines.

Claimants who succeed in a claim of discrimination in the Employment Tribunal are able toView Article

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injury to feelings
reasonable adjustments

Is a failure to offer a dedicated parking space a breach of the duty to make reasonable adjustments?

Where a provision, criterion or practice applied by an employer puts a disabled person atView Article

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When does an employer have knowledge of a disability?

An employee has a disability under the Equality Act 2010 if they have a physicalView Article

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disability discrimination
rest breaks

Personal injury compensation for a failure to provide rest breaks?

Under the Working Time Regulations 1998 (WTR), workers are entitled to an unpaid rest breakView Article

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To suspend or not to suspend?

All contracts of employment include an implied term of mutual trust and confidence.  A breachView Article

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employment law changes

Key employment law changes on the horizon for Spring 2019

We have been enjoying the warmest winter days since records began and Spring is wellView Article

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ACAS publishes new guidance on age discrimination

ACAS has published new guidance on age discrimination for employers and HR professionals.  “Age discrimination:View Article

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Age discrimination
gender pay gap

Guidance to help employers close their gender pay gap

Earlier this year, the Government Equalities Office published a research report on a 2018 surveyView Article

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Is an allegation of defamation a protected disclosure under whistleblowing provisions?

In order to be protected against detriment or dismissal under whistleblowing legislation, an employee mustView Article

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Top five employment law developments of 2018

It has been another busy year for employers and HR professionals with a number ofView Article

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Employment law reforms on the horizon

The Government has announced a series of proposed changes to employment law.  The announcement takesView Article

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Employment law