Social media in the workplace

Social Media in the workplace

Social media in the workplace has completely changed working lives. Facebook claims to have about 1.44 billion users and every day, over 500 million tweets are sent.  Linkedin has revolutionised the recruitment process and completely changed the face of business networking.

Some social media applications such as Facebook were designed for fun, social interactions, others like LinkedIn are designed for business.  What links these applications is the ability for users to post comments, pictures and video in a forum which is largely public and largely unregulated.  Comments are instantaneous and are broadcast worldwide.

A vibrant presence on social media is important to organisations but it also presents new risks. Users of social media in the workplace have been described as “HR accidents waiting to happen” and there has been a string of cases which involve employee’s use of social media in the workplace.

Our social media in the workplace training course helps HR professionals manage the people aspects, balancing the needs of the business against the potential HR risks.  The use of social media in the workplace has blurred the boundaries between personal and professional lives.  The risks include; defamation, distraction and discrimination, not to mention the problems associated with the ownership of social media account and lists of contacts.  Organisations need to consider more than just social media policies and procedures; they need to ensure that managers have the skills they need to manage social media in the workplace.

Our social media in the workplace training course covers:

  • The risks of employees making inappropriate, discriminatory or defamatory posts,
  • Who owns social media accounts?
  • Privacy, data protection and the right to freedom of expression,
  • The role of social media in disciplinary and grievance situations,
  • The contents of a well-constructed social media policy,
  • How to try and prevent social media “HR accidents”.

This is a half day course.

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