Employment Law for Line Managers

Employment Law for Line Managers

This employment law for line managers training course is for anyone who has to manage people. It is a foundation course which gives an overview of employment law and a practical understanding of its operation. Employment law for line managers is equally suitable for someone new to management or to a more experienced manager looking to update their skills. Like all of our employment law training, we explain the underlying legal concepts clearly and concisely, giving delegates the confidence to manage people effectively.

The course covers the following:

  1. The background to UK employment law,
  2. Understanding employment contracts,
  3. Individual employment rights,
  4. Fair and unfair dismissals,
  5. Redundancy and reorganisation,
  6. Discrimination and equality awareness.

This is a day long course.

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Employment law for HR Professionals

Employment Law for HR Professionals

This course helps newly qualified or newly promoted HR professionals gain a more in-depth understanding of employment law. It covers a broad range of subjects but also details some of the more complex areas such as TUPE, whistleblowing, time of work and holiday pay. It is also ideal for anyone returning to HR after a career break.

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handling TUPE

Handling TUPE

TUPE has earned the reputation as being one of the most complex areas of employment law. However it is built on some simple principles which, once understand help you to contextualise and understand employment transfers. This course is a must for anyone dealing with acquisitions or outsourcing.

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handling discipline and grievance issues

Handling discipline and grievance issues

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Equality Awareness

Equality Awareness

We understand the need to place training on equality into context; making it topical, lively and informative. Equality awareness is essential training for anyone in a supervisory or management role. Workplace discrimination claims can be costly and attracted negative publicity. Many organisations have equality and diversity policies but a policy alone is not enough.

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