reasonable adjustments

Is it a reasonable adjustment to offer an employee a trial in a new role?

Employers have a duty under the Equality Act in some circumstances to make reasonable adjustmentsView Article

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What’s changing for employers in April?

April is normally a busy time of year for employers and HR professionals, and thisView Article

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April 2024
Parental leave

Dismissal for ‘seeking’ to take parental leave?

It is automatically unfair to dismiss an employee if the reason or principal reason forView Article

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Which payments are increasing in April?

Here is our at a glance round-up of the key compensation limits and statutory paymentsView Article

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Whistleblowing protection for employees

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) confirmed this month that it has served theView Article

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Fire and rehire – a new statutory Code of Practice

The Government has published its response to consultation and an updated Statutory Code of PracticeView Article

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fire and rehire
Flexible working

Changes to flexible working requests – ACAS draft Code         

ACAS has published a new draft Code of Practice on requests for flexible working toView Article

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Interviews and reasonable adjustments

The duty to make reasonable adjustments arises where there is a provision, criterion or practiceView Article

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Reasonable adjustments
Paternity leave

Changes to statutory paternity leave – new regulations published

The Government has published draft regulations that will make changes to the current statutory paternityView Article

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Holiday leave and pay – Government guidance issued

The Government has published guidance on the new holiday pay and entitlement provisions that cameView Article

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holiday pay